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What is E-waste?
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Hazards of Electronic Waste


Among the different types of waste that is generated, E-Waste is one category. It is generated from electronic devices like old phones, computers, mobiles, refrigerator, washing machine, bulbs, television sets, microwaves etc. Electronic waste or e-waste as it is popularly known as involves all secondary electronic waste which can be discarded, reused, recycled, resold or disposed. Re-usable are mostly those electronics which can be repaired and used. It is important to handle all of them properly as it can be toxic and harmful for the environment and humans. It is always best to check if old electronics can be repaired and recycled before they are discarded so that the amount of E-Scrap can be minimized.

Proper Disposal of E-Waste is extremely important to minimize the harmful effects of it on the environment and humans. There are many companies in the market today that works in the field of tackling such e-waste. One among them is E-Waste Recyclers who have been a pioneer in this industry. They use sophisticated technology to treat e-waste and focus a lot of reuse and recycling. If repaired properly some of the devices or part of it can be reused and recycled so that the waste can be minimised. E-Waste Recyclers are pioneer in doing so.

E-waste is mostly generated both for domestic use and industrial use. They are one of the most Hazardous Household Waste which needs proper handling and disposal. Some of the important causes of generation of such e-waste are the rapid change in technology, low initial costs, planned obsolescence etc. It can cause serious environmental hazards which if not checked properly can be very disastrous. Usage of proper methods and technology is extremely important to carefully dispose of such waste. More than that the focus should be on recycling and reuse. It is the best way to minimize its negative effects.

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